My Breast Enlargement story

I get asked questions DAILY about my boobs so I thought I would create a post with my breast enlargement journey (lmao I don’t know what else to call it) and questions I get frequently asked.

I got my boobs done in 2012 (6 years ago) when I was 19. It was something I had always wanted to do.

Fun fact… Nobody knew I had small boobs because I would stuff them with chicken fillets and would wear 2 padded bras.

I had gone on holiday with my mom her friends and their children (girls and boys) I think I was around 18 at the time. We was at a water park and I went down a water slide and one of my chicken fillets fell out into the water. I was mortified. One breast looked perky and round (because it was still padded) and the other like a mosquito bite. I can laugh about it now but at the time I was sooo embarrassed!! I had to throw the other chicken fillet in the bin.

Looking back I wish I wasn’t soo obsessed with having big boobs. I mean there’s more to life and it didn’t make me any less of a person.. I wish I didn’t let it consume me and I just enjoyed being part of the itty bitty titty committee (I meannnn they even have t shirts!! How cool)

But anyway fast forward a year I done my research and booked with a company called MYA a free consultation with a patient coordinator and surgeon. The PA talked me through the process, different implants cost etc and then I met with the surgeon who showed me his work, discussed what size I wanted to go and wether he thought it was possible – wouldn’t look silly etc. I was able to put an implant in their sports bra to kind of gage how it would look.
The first surgeon I saw I didn’t like (I can’t even remember why) so I booked to see someone else, DR Fratti who I absolutely loved (and had a major crush on *rolls eyes*)

Side note – it is important to feel comfortable with your surgeon as they are the one that’s going to preform your surgery. You both have to have a mutual agreement on how you want your end result to look like. See as many surgeons as you can and google their work. Talk to people they have performed work on and see if their happy with the end result, their scars etc.

I don’t know if they still offer this now but at the time I could pay for half of my augmentation upfront and the rest on finance, which was great as I was only 19 at the time and obviously not rolling in money.
Fast forward to the day of my surgery, I checked in at 8 in the morning and was starving as your not allowed to eat 6 hours before hand. Dr Fratti came to see me an hour later, he drew on my chest where he was going to make incisions and double checked I was happy with the size implants we had agreed on before hand. I don’t really remember much before the surgery just asking one of the nurses to not let me die as I was being put to sleep.

I will never forget waking up from the operation, I felt like I had been hit by a truck. My chest was sooo heavy and sore. I was in sooooo much pain it felt like a pregnant elephant was sitting on my chest (bare in mind I have 0 pain threshold) again I can’t really remember much just that I was in and out of sleep and in ALOT of pain.
When it was time to leave I had to have drains removed from the sides of my breasts and oh my Jesus I can not explain the pain. It got to a point where the nurse kept saying sorry to me as I was crying soo much.

And I’m not trying to scare anyone honestly my friend got her breasts done and was up and walking the same day.. I just think it’s important to be prepared for the worst and how bad the pain CAN be. I didn’t expect to feel how I felt because everyone would tell me stories of waking up and feeling great up getting up and doing handstands and summersaults and all the rest (lmao just kidding) so I wasn’t prepared for it at all.

I went home the same day with my boobs wrapped in bandages (they have to stay in them for a week – I can’t remember why) and just a pre warning make sure whoever picks you up doesn’t drive like a flipping manic because you feel EVERY bump, turn, stop, start. You feel absolutely everything on the road and it hurtsssss!
A week later I got my bandages removed and had the most amazing boobs and was soo happy and lived happily ever after. NOT

It is important to know your breasts will probably look horrible.
Well not horrible but they won’t look like the end result. Mine where soo swollen and pointy. I thought they looked like Madonna’s pyramid bra.

But as time goes on the swelling will go down and your boobs will drop and start to look nice and normal.

So that’s all I can really remember from my “breast enlargement journey” as it was soo long ago and I have the memory of a gold fish. But if I haven’t answered any questions or missed something you can send me a message on my Instagram @luciasimone__ or my email (


What size were you before / now?
I was a 32 b (I think tbh I’m not sure I never got measured I just brought a bra and stuffed it to death) and now I’m a 32 e/f depending on the bra

What size implant did you get?
I got 470 cc implants – behind the muscle

Who did you go with and why?
I got my augmentation done with the company MYA. I done my research and they had loads of good reviews and I also loved the fact they had an online forum where you could talk to other girls that had the same surgery, ask for advice, swap pictures etc

How much did they cost?

How long did it take for you to recover?
Truthfully it took me a month to feel normal again. You are recommended to take 2 weeks off work to recover – after the 2 weeks I felt okay BUT I still couldn’t sleep on my belly and all that good stuff so I would say a month to get back to doing normal things like lifting your arms above your head. Also remember I’m shit with pain.

How are you able to breast feed?
With my breasts? I don’t understand this question.. you are still able to breast feed with implants. I’ve had no problems 10 months and counting..

Did you notice a boost in your confidence?
At first yes! I didn’t have to wear 10 thousand bras! I was able to fill out my tops etc. But it started getting annoying (when I was bartending – my job at the time) drunk men would come up to me and go on and on about my breasts and how big they were and all the rest. It was annoyinggggggg. And the attention I got in a bikini, but now I just ignore it. Let it all go over my head.

Did they change after having a baby?
No they are honestly exactly the same. My only complaint was when my milk first came in they were soooo flipping huge. Like airbags. Crazy huge but their back to normal now thank God.

Any regrets?
Yes and no. Okay so I do not regret getting my boobs done BUT I wish I had waited. I wish I wasn’t sooo obsessed with having big boobs. Like at the time (because I was young and naïve) I would think who would want me because I had pancakes but that’s honestly so silly! There is more to life than breasts. Certain things I can’t wear now because my boobs are so big and ild either look silly or slutty, unintentionally. So I don’t regret doing them, I just regret my reason at the time for doing them. I wish I loved myself abit more.

I hope this was helpful for anyone planning on having work done in the future.

I do not regret having breast implants but like I’ve said before I wish my reasons behind it were different. At the time I felt inferior and “less of a woman” as I had tiny breasts and I felt like who would love me when I didn’t love myself – which is honestly crazy.. I am more than boobs! I have more to offer than breasts.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to enhance the appearance of your chest, just make sure you are doing it for you and not some smelly boy. The body you were born with is already perfect!

Love Lucia Simone x

5 thoughts on “My Breast Enlargement story

  1. Your actually a brave person to be doing all of this. And I understand you wanting to go through it because a lot of young girls tend to be worried about their looks and it’s not a bad thing to go under the knife and change your looks, Do what ever makes you comfortable. And £4500!? What did you work as?


    1. Thank you! Yes I just wanted to share my story but also point out that there’s more to life than your looks uno.. I had 2 jobs I worked in retail and a bar tender on the weekends x


      1. whoa you worked as a bartender!? Which club did you work at if you don’t mind me asking and I don’t want to sound weird 😂


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