First date

I’ve been on one date since becoming single, and although I know he’s not gonna whisk me to the alter anytime soon, it was soo lovely being pursed, wined and dined by someone!

Before I met Egbert (let’s call him Egbert that sounds like a nice wholesome name) I was nervous as hell! I’d been out of the dating game for soooo long and literally lost my mojo!

I was soo comfortable with my ex and used to being in a relationship I forgot what it was like to date and get to know someone. What if I didn’t know what to say? What if I tripped and made a fool out of myself? What if I absolutely bored him to death with stories about Israel and breast feeding and changing nappies (because that’s all my life involves now)

But honestly I was worrying for nothing. The date went well, no awkward silences, no one died from boredom.

It was soo nice to be complimented and asked about me! (Remember me mentioning that all people ask me about now is Israel and how he sleeps and is he a good baby etc etc)

I thought when I became a single mom no one would be interested in me. That when I mentioned I had a baby men would run a mile into the distance never to be seen again. But honestly it’s 2018, being a single parent isn’t the same as having the bubonic plague.

I was told now I bring two seats the table instead of one, Israels just an added extra to my package not a burden or baggage (and anyone that thinks like that I wouldn’t want to date ANYWAY)

It was soo nice to get out there and remind myself that I’m more than just a mother and I am still attractive and one day someone WILL want to marry me. There’s still hope for me yet! (When my relationship ended I thought I was doomed, that Ild probably end up a mad crazy old cat lady that smelt like wee)

So although I don’t think anyone should buy a hat yet, and I probably won’t go on another date any time soon with anyone. It’s nice to know I’ve still got it!

Love Lucia Simone x

3 thoughts on “First date

  1. Very interesting story. Trust me patience is key to find the right one for you. Not just a boyfriend/husband but also someone you can call your best friend. Don’t settle for less :).


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