Why checking in on your friends is SO important.

It is sooo important to check in on your friends, you never know what they are going through… What battle they are facing behind closed doors.

I’m the type of person that when I’m upset or feeling down I reach out to people, but I know not everyone is like me.. that’s why it is always important to check in on your loved ones.

Depression is real.

Depression is a deep nasty place that sometimes we need someone else to help drag us out of.
The amount of times I’ve been knocking at depressions door but have spoken to a friend and they have helped yank me out of it and put life back into perspective for me.
But like I said, not everyone is like me. I’m lucky I have my friends, family and even people on social media reach out to me constantly and check to see if I’m okay..

“Depression is a common mental disorder that causes people to experience depressed mood, loss of interest or pleasure, feelings of guilt or low self-worth, disturbed sleep or appetite, low energy, and poor concentration. Depression is different from feeling down or sad.”

I obviously can’t speak for anyone else but I know that when I felt depressed I had tunnel vision. All I could focus on was how sad I was or how wrong everything was going. I couldn’t ever imagine being happy again.

But then someone would reach out to me, sometimes they didn’t even have to say anything.. just the sheer act of them reaching out and listening to me offload let me know that I wasn’t alone.

Sometimes all someone needs is a shoulder to cry on.

That’s why as friends it is always important to reach out.. haven’t spoke to Susan in a while? Phone her.. send her a text! She might have the weight of the world on her shoulders and you wouldn’t even no. BUT your phone call could make all the difference.

And just because someone is posting on social media doesn’t mean they are okay. The biggest smiles sometimes hide the darkest secrets.
How many times have you said “I’m fine” when in reality you are not. For all you know the person is drowning in darkness pretending they are okay on social media.

That’s why checking in on your friends is SO important.

Love Lucia Simone xo

One thought on “Why checking in on your friends is SO important.

  1. Lucia
    I’ve suffered many times with depression. I’m probably the biggest comic funny guy life of the party etc. But that hides a lot
    Yes I needed people to reach out. Not empty sympathy just a friend to call on chat too someone not judgemental.
    If you ever need to chat I’m here. I won’t talk your ears off like that day I took you to your fathers house in the van
    Do you remember that day I was do nervous I talked constantly lol. You too were nervous. A young child I was a stranger and you knew not to speak to strangers. You were great that day and even when both mum and dad tried to reassure you it didn’t stop your nerves. They taught you well. Do the same for Israel x


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