Going back to work guilt

“Wow your really going back to work? If I was you I would never leave my baby”

Well Susan, in an ideal world that would be great! In an ideal world I could pay for nappies and formula with sunshine and rainbows. But Susan, it isn’t an ideal world is it? Nappies cost an arm and a leg.. not to mention formula.

I don’t WANT to leave my baby, but I have to if I don’t want to end up homeless.

I don’t get why people make you feel like an such awful parent when you tell them your going back to work. As much as I would love to spend every single waking hour with my baby I can’t, I’m a single parent, with a single income.. I just can’t.

I find myself having to almost having to justify myself to people. And I don’t know why? There is nothing wrong with a child going to a childminder/nursery and interacting with other children their age. It’s not like I’m leaving him at home by himself (see I’m justifying myself again *sigh*)

So if you find yourself telling a mother “wow I could never..” or “how could you leave your baby..” maybe just don’t? She probably feels horrible already without you sticking your big nose in.

I’m dreading the day I have to leave Israel at a childminders. I know I’m probably gonna cry more than he does.. (he isn’t a clingy baby at all and couldn’t care less about my whereabouts) I already feel guilty that I can’t afford not to work. So to all the Susan’s out there, if your not gonna pay me to stay at home, mind your business.

Love Lucia Simone x

4 thoughts on “Going back to work guilt

  1. I used to cry with my first because I felt so guilty about having to work so much( even though it was for him). I felt bad so I replaced my time with material things ( which I don’t recommend). Don’t beat yourself up, find him a great nanny/babysitter and check on him thousand times a day if it helps calm your mind🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️😂😂😂. I just sent my 1yr old to daycare today and I really don’t feel too bad this time around.

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