Labour and delivery story

I was planning to record my birth story, but honestly writing it down is soo much easier! (I’m lazy, have no idea how to record and edit a video and honestly barely have time to go to the toilet let alone record a video uninterrupted!)

My due date was April 10th 2017, but of course that day came and went and no baby! I posted a picture on Instagram and Snapchat of myself with my huge bump captioned “due date & as you can see still no baby” as I was sick and tired of people asking me “has he arrived yet?”

Note to self – when I have my next baby don’t tell anyone my due date!
It honestly was soo annoying getting asked that question everyday. I was miserable. I felt like a huge baby less beached whale. I couldn’t do anything other than lay in bed and be miserable.

The evening of April 13th my contractions started. My mom (who was my birthing partner) was out at dinner with her friends. I had a contraction app – don’t remember which one, which timed my contractions.. how far apart they were and for how long.
They were every 8 minutes and 30/60 seconds long. At first it was bearable, I was able to breathe through them. I found bouncing on my yoga ball really helped – at first. I called the hospital to let them know my contractions had started but they told me not to come in until my contractions were every 3- 4 minutes apart. Great
My mom got home around 11pm ish and I obviously let her know what was happening. She helped me pack my hospital bag (I know I know I should of had that done weeks ago but I’m lazy) and sat with me for a while. That whole night my contractions happened every 8 minutes which was annoying – they weren’t getting any closer together. The pain was still bearable, but DID hurt.
I googled pain management in early stages of labour and it said to sleep *rolls eyes* there was no way I could sleep through a contraction! So I was up all night. I rotated from my yoga ball to in the bath (found the warm water really relaxing) to on the toilet – it took the pressure off my nether reigns and helped a little bit.
Friday morning (April 14th) my contractions bounced between 5 to 8 minutes apart but I had had enough! I was exhausted and miserable! I called the hospital and told them my contractions were 4 minutes apart and I’m coming in!
I called an uber and me and my mom headed to the hospital. I remember the uber driver giving me the evils through the rear mirror probably praying I didn’t give birth on his back seat. (I wonder if a baby is born in an uber do they get free rides for life?)
When I got to the hospital a midwife checked me in, listened for babies heart beat and then checked my cervix to see how dilated I was (to this day im still scarred for life from this experience she was sooooo flipping horrible. No wonder they miss this bit out in all the antenatal classes) and guess what?! I was only 1cm. I literally burst into tears, I was soo exhausted and just felt a wave of defeat come over me. All that pain and torture (okay I’m kind of exaggerating) last night and I’m only 1cm??!
I was told I needed to go and labour at home and come back later on as there was no way I would be having baby any time soon. I just looked her in the eye and said no. Sorry. There’s no way I’m leaving here without a baby. I’m in too much pain I don’t wanna labour at home any longer.
I cried and cried and they finally said okay I can stay in.
I was put on a ward that had nothing to do with labour or giving birth and left to labour on my own.

FullSizeRender 2.jpg
I walked up and down the hospital hundreds of times to try and speed things up but it wasn’t until 11pm (24 hours from the start of my contractions) when I begged someone to check me again that I was finally 4cm!

I was taken to the labour ward, checked over and was allowed to labour in water with gas and air for pain relief.
I laboured for a good couple of hours in the water till I got fed up.. I thought being in the water would of been a calm relaxing experience.. but for me it was not! I was over it.. I was exhausted.. at this point I gave up. I kept getting my cervix checked every hour or so but was taking soo long to get from 5cm to 6 and from 6cm to 7.. you get the picture. I even had to have my waters broken for me, which was the weirdest sensation ever.



I remember shouting at the midwife “it’s not doing JACK SHITTTT” as she told me to suck on the gas and air. I can look back and laugh now but honestly it wasn’t doing jack shit, them contractions were intense!!!
I think back to all the lovely YouTube labour vlogs I watched where the baby swims out like a little mermaid into the mothers arms giving her a peck on the cheek.. why wasn’t this happening for me!

FullSizeRender 3
A couple more hours in the water passed, couple more choice words shouted from my mouth and still no baby!
My midwife kept leaving the room “to fill in notes” apparently *rolls eyes* but every time she back back she smelt like biscuits! That was the final straw how dare she. I was over it. I was over the contractions and over her lies *laughing uncontrollably as I type this* (I was honestly such a little cow bag during labour looking back)
Saturday around 9/10 in the morning I told everyone I couldn’t do it anymore and that I wanted an epidural or I was going home (to do what i had no idea).. I was taken out of the water onto another ward to wait for the anaesthetist. But guess fucking (sorry mom) what apparently the hospital I was giving birth in only had one and she was busy. Just my fucking (sorry mom) luck. So I waited 2 more hours for her to come and when she finally got to me.. guess who was finally 10CM!!

So exhausted as I was I was made to push, I pushed and pushed and still no baby – was I really pregnant? Was there even a baby in there or did I just need a big poo? The midwife checked what was happening down there while I pushed and apparently my little baby was deciding to turn his head the wrong way as I pushed hence him not coming any closer to the birth canal (I think that’s what it’s called? Who knows!) sooo the midwives needed to give me an epidural anyway as there was a 50% chance I needed an emergency epidural.
Long story short I was given an epidural rushed into theatre and was able to give birth to Israel Lee naturally with the aid of a suction cup.
I gave birth at 8:05pm but it wasn’t till 8:25pm that he cried – and let me tell you those were the longest 20 minutes of my life!

FullSizeRender 6.jpg
Israel spent 4 days in intensive care because he couldn’t regulate his breathing properly and we still don’t know what the cause of this was (I reckon being dragged out with a suction cup on his head had something to do with it! Probably a shock to the system) but other than that he was a perfect healthy 9lb 6oz baby!



So I hope I didn’t scare you, every labour story is different. It’s good to have a birthing plan but don’t be upset if your labour and delivery doesn’t happen the way you want (these babies honestly have a mind of their own)
I hope you enjoyed reading about my experience and wasn’t bored to death. If you have any questions, if I missed anything or you want to share your birthing experiences feel free to post in the comments below.

Love Lucia Simone x

19 thoughts on “Labour and delivery story

  1. Great story! I would have never known the pain and ( torture😂😂😂) you went through by the water birth photo, you looked so peaceful. Glad you and baby Israel are good.


  2. I really enjoyed reading this! I had my daughter a few months ago and I thought my labour was bad but you did so good.. 9lb 6oz, I think I would of died lol x


  3. This is so beautiful 😍 your beautiful and strong stay strong for yourself and your son your a great mother. I’m single mother as while it’s hard but every day and moment and time I couldn’t ask for anything else. Being a single mother is not no mothers plan but life goes on…….

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Love reading your birth story!! You’ve inspired me to write my own as I too was meaning to film it but never got around to it! Lmao and Lil Obi is 1 year 😂 so I should probably write his brith story before he goes off to college 😂😂😂

    Liked by 1 person

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